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Baja RS Seats

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The Baja RS Reclining Off Road Suspension Seat was designed for the off road enthusiasts who still want the comfort of a daily driver and the safety of suspension. We integrated our state-of-the-art reclining technology with the Baja SS Off Road seat and from that came the Baja RS Reclining Off Road Seat. Our expertise on comfort and our experience with reclining performance seats is what makes the Baja RS one of the most advanced reclining suspension seat on the market today. The Baja RS will enhance not only the look of your vehicle but also your overall driving experience. As a rule of thumb, the Baja RS Off Road Seat will fit up to a 42 inch waist, while still comfortably fitting smaller drivers. The Baja RS Seat is available in Black Vinyl/Cloth fabric.
* Infinite recline: The fingertip controlled reclining mechanism allows the seat back to be adjusted to the ultimate driving position. Corbeau reclining technology allows with just the lift of the lever, the seat back to be immediately returned to the full upright position.
* Bolster Support: Ultimate lateral support with well-defined thigh, kidney, and shoulder bolsters will allow both the driver and passenger to remain in the optimal seating position. The reduction of body shifting will reduce the amount of driver fatigue and enhance the overall driving experience.
* Harness Capability: This seat has harness slots for 3, 4 and 5-point harness capability. A submarine slot is already installed for a 5th strap.
* Suspension System: The seat base is reinforced with nylon and inner laced with military grade suspension cords. For driving which encounters several impacts, like off-road driving, the suspension technology helps to absorb the energy at impact, keeping you and your back safe. In addition the suspension allows for a soft driving experience in an otherwise rough driving condition.
* Fabric: Extra durable, automotive grade cloth and vinyl materials. Contains UV inhibitors. This seat has been extensively tested under extreme conditions and found to be colorfast.
* Direct Bolt-In: The Baja RS Off-Road Seat is a direct bolt-in to most Jeep® CJ5’s and all CJ7’s and YJ’s. It will bolt into any other vehicle with Corbeau custom direct bolt-in brackets.
* Steel Frame: Extra strong, lightweight, powder coated tubular steel frame. .


Weight: 28 pounds

Colors And Manufacture's Suggested Retail Prices/Seat:

  • Black Vinyl - $299.
  • Black Vinyl w/Cloth Insert - $299.
  • Gray Vinyl - $299.
  • Gray Vinyl w/Cloth Insert - $299.

Seat Options - Manufacture's Suggested Retail Prices/Seat:

  • Your Custom Color In Cloth Or Vinyl - $ 698.
  • Corbeau Micro Suede Color(s) - $ 698.
  • Leather - $ 998.



Call Us For Seat Information And Our Discount Prices, (952) 944-2381. We guarantee you the best prices and, more importantly, customer service.

Other Options:

Baja Back Seat

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Seat Saver Cover, MSRP $ 49.

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Gaming Chair Base, MSRP $ 65. (Will attach to any Corbeau Seat)

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