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Pro Racer Hans® SPA


Top Of The Line

  • The Recaro Pro Racer HANS® SPA seat shell is made of Kevlar ®. Carbon Fiber.
  • You will feel optimum interplay between the HANS® system, harness, helmet & racing shell, in order for the HANS® system to achieve it's full potential,
  • Anyone regularly spending time on the track owe it to their loved ones to seriously consider using a HANS® device.
  • This seat makes it more comfortable and adds an added safety factor.
  • One of the most common complaints of using a HANS® device is that the driver's seat pushes the HANS® device forward, making it dig into the chest, and push your head forward.
  • This problem seems to be limited to a few race seat shell shapes, but is completely eliminated with this seat.
  • Recaro has reshaped the area around the shoulders to allow room for the HANS® device.
  • It also provides Shoulder Belt Pass-thru grommets that are adequately sized for many different sized torsos and different installations.
  • When using a HANS® device, you really want the shoulder belts to pass through the seat unimpeded by anything.
  • This seat helps with that. It also provides Head support for extreme hairpin turns or in the event of side impact.
  • The seat rates at the top of the list for HANS® compatibility.
  • It also rates very high for extra side impact safety.
  • The Pro Racer is one of the most comfortable seats we've ever sat in. It literally sucks you in and supports every part of your body.
  • The side bolsters are larger than on any other seat, and offer unmatched support at speed.
  • Please note that if you are much larger than a 34 waist, you probably won't be able to fit in this seat. You should choose the Pro Race Hans® SPA XL .
  • The seat is covered in velour and is only available in black.
  • Weighs only 22 lbs. !
  • Regular Width - $ 2,899
  • XL Width - $ 3,099
  • OPTIONS: (Both FIA certified)
  • Side Mount Brackets - Steel - $ 90 Per Seat
  • Side Mount Brackets - Alloy - $175 Per Seat


We Are Here To Help. Please call Us For Seat Information & Our Prices, (952) 944-2381.





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