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How well can you control your car?

Your car seat plays a vital role, especially with a competitive driving style.

You will immediately see and feel the difference from the RECARO Style XL and other automotive seats. Automotive manufactures take style cues for the latest import and sport luxury vehicles seats from the Style XL. But only a RECARO seat combines style with world-renowned ergonomic technology, comfort and aggressive driving support performance. No other seats rival the quality handmade craftsmanship of real RECARO seats. You and your vehicle deserve the Style XL seat. It is everything a car seat should be and more.

* SEAT CUSHION EXTENSION: The seat cushion extends to the most comfortable and supportive position for you.

DESIGN: The RECARO Style XL seat is the perfect blend of sportive and luxury design. When Audi, BMW and Cadillac look for style inspiration they turn to RECARO. The unique and sportive headrest, aggressively bolstered shoulder, back and thigh areas and beautiful cover details make the Style XL an automotive style trendsetter.
* ERGONOMICS: Each Recaro seat is designed to support the natural S curve of the spine. The human body isn’t designed for long periods of sitting. Recaro seats are designed to align the spinal cord in its most natural and healthy position. Your back muscles will actually become more relaxed the longer you sit in the seat.

* AIRMATIC® SYSTEM FOR EFFECTIVE LUMBAR SUPPORT - Three independently power adjustable air chambers make up the Airmatic Lumbar System. This is the most sophisticated lumbar support system in the world. Adjust the lumbar to meet your comfort needs.
Adjustable Back Bolsters: Driving in a RECARO seat isn’t all about correct sitting, it’s about performance too. The independently adjustable back bolsters adjust to your body. Control the width of the bolsters to perfectly cradle your body to a perfect fit, just in-case you want to test the cornering ability of your vehicle.
* SEAT CUSHION EXTENSION - adjustable thigh support to relieve muscle tension
* FULLY UPHOLSTERED HEADREST - adjustable for height and tilt for excellent head protection
* CONTOURED SHOULDER AREA - to reduce muscle tension
* ADJUSTABLE SIDE BOLSTERS - excellent lateral stability to reduce muscle tension
* SEAT BACK RELEASE - on both sides for easier operation
* COMBINED ELECTRIC HEIGHT AND TILT ADJUSTMENT - correct body angle, desired angle of vision; touch control switch element (Topline only).

Euro-styling with superb ergonomics offer an exemplary seat.

Call Us For Seat Information,, (952) 944-2381. We guarantee you competitive pricing and, more importantly, customer service.

Cover Choices & List Prices: (Click On The Thumbnail Picture To See A Larger Image.)


Grey Nardo Fabric Sides & Back W/Artista Patterned ClothI Inserts - List Price - $ 1895, Topline, $ 2195

Black Nardo Fabric Sides & Back W/Artista Patterned ClothI Inserts - List Price - $ 1895, Topline, $ 2195

Black Leather - List Price - $ 2795

Black Leather Sides & Back W/Black Suede Inserts - List Price - $ 2795.


  • ** "Topline" Option package includes Vent® and heating system in the seat that delivers either warm or cool air through the seat, along with electric seat back recline.

Seat Dimensions: 

Maximum backrest height: 910 mm (35.8 inches)
Shoulder width: 493 mm (19.4 inches)
Seat cushion width: 535 mm (21.1 inches)
Maximum seat cushion depth: 540 mm (21.3 inches)
Gross weight: Style XL: 50.7 lbs., Style XL Topline: 53.8 lbs.


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